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Coffee and End Tables

For those that have a flair for the ornate, our extensive collection of Italian tables are sure to please. From classic traditional styles to more laid back simple styles, all of our tables reflect an appreciation for the craft of furniture making. Luxury home furnishings would not be complete without perfectly designed tables. We take traditional dining room sets and bring them to an entirely new level. Our tables can seat small parties of four or less individuals or greater up to large dining tables for 8 or more people. Whatever suits your home, the best fine furniture be found in our exclusive collection. Interior designers all over the globe recommend Benetti’s Italia furniture for an exquisite custom look for home design, and our tables are included in that recommendation.

Carefully crafted with painstaking attention to detail, our made in America furniture will cause you to look at furniture in a whole new light. As soon as you lay eyes upon our tables it becomes evident that our furniture is far different than others. The love and effort put into every single piece of furniture in our collection is beyond incredible. Let your eyes feast upon the beauty that our dining room tables have to offer your home.

Product Dimensions Are In Width x Depth x Height Format. (All sizes are approximate and may change based on Manufacturing requirements or design changes)

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  • Abrianna End table, 26"x26"x26"

    Abrianna End table

  • Beladonna End Table, 29x29x28

    Beladonna End Table

  • Cristaldo Coffee Table, 64X42X19

    Cristaldo Coffee Table

  • Cristaldo End Table, 29x29x28

    Cristaldo End Table

  • Donatella Coffee Table, 48 DIA x 19

    Donatella Coffee Table
    48 DIA x 19

  • Donatella End Table, 28 DIA x 28

    Donatella End Table
    28 DIA x 28

  • Louis Coffee Table, 59"x41"x19.5 "

    Louis Coffee Table
    59"x41"x19.5 "

  • Louis End table, 27"x27"x25.5"

    Louis End table

  • Luciana Coffee Table, 62x38x19

    Luciana Coffee Table

  • Luciana End Table, 28x28x28

    Luciana End Table

  • Montecarlo Coffee Table and  End Table, End Table(30x30x28) Coffee table 64x40x22

    Montecarlo Coffee Table and End Table
    End Table(30x30x28) Coffee table 64x40x22

  • Montecito	Cocktail Table, 56x34x19

    Montecito Cocktail Table

  • Montecito End Table w/ Glass Top, 26x26x26

    Montecito End Table w/ Glass Top

  • Nina Coffee Table, 48 dia x 19

    Nina Coffee Table
    48 dia x 19

  • Nina End Table, 28 dia x 26

    Nina End Table
    28 dia x 26

  • Ornella Coffee Table, 64"x44"x21"

    Ornella Coffee Table

  • Ornella End Table, 28x28x28

    Ornella End Table

  • Ornella end table, 28"x28"x28"

    Ornella end table

  • Perla Coffee table, 58"x34"x19"

    Perla Coffee table

  • Rosabella Coffee table, 26"x26"x26"

    Rosabella Coffee table

  • Rosabella End table., 26"x26"x26"

    Rosabella End table.

  • Rosetta End Table, End Table (24x24x28)

    Rosetta End Table
    End Table (24x24x28)

  • Sabrina Coffee Table, 48 DIA x 19

    Sabrina Coffee Table
    48 DIA x 19

  • Sicily Coffee table, 62x44x19

    Sicily Coffee table

  • Sicily end table, 28x28x26

    Sicily end table

  • Sofia Coffee table, 64"x44"x19"

    Sofia Coffee table

  • Sofia end table, 30"x30"x26"

    Sofia end table

  • Vivacci Cocktail Table and  End Table, Cocktail (64x42x19) End Table (28x28x26)

    Vivacci Cocktail Table and End Table
    Cocktail (64x42x19) End Table (28x28x26)