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Urn and Pedestals

Are you looking for that one truly unique piece that becomes a signature for your home? Well, you’ve come to the right spot. Our exclusive pedestals bring classic beauty to your interior design style in a single home furnishing piece. Created especially with our clients in mind, our pieces are just one more style feature we offer. Luxury home furnishings are what we specialize in, and our pedestals let us add to our collection without taking away from what we do best.

You’ve already bought our beautiful luxury sofa, why not add to the collection with one of our custom pedestals? Take your choice from our vast collection and choose the perfect design piece to match your new furnishings. When you chose Benetti’s Italia furniture you simply cannot pair it with cheaply made design pieces. Now you don’t have to. We provide you with plenty of options to choose from regardless of what your style is. From entry way urns that welcome guests into your home, to beautiful pieces that gently complement your living room style, we have everything you could imagine. Even if our luxury couches are what brought you here, stay around a while and discover our amazing selection of pedestals & urns.

Product Dimensions Are In Width x Depth x Height Format. (All sizes are approximate and may change based on Manufacturing requirements or design changes)

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  • Bibiana Pedestal (Set), Pedestal (17x12x40) Urn (18x14x26)

    Bibiana Pedestal (Set)
    Pedestal (17x12x40) Urn (18x14x26)

  • Celestina Urn & Pedestal, Pedestal(14x14x42) Urn	(16 DIA x 27)

    Celestina Urn & Pedestal
    Pedestal(14x14x42) Urn (16 DIA x 27)

  • Federica Urn & Pedestal, Pedestal (16 DIA x 42) Urn (16 DIA x 26)

    Federica Urn & Pedestal
    Pedestal (16 DIA x 42) Urn (16 DIA x 26)

  • Pilar urn with Base, Size ( W x D x H ) : 22 x 25 x 59

    Pilar urn with Base
    Size ( W x D x H ) : 22 x 25 x 59

  • Urion Urn and Urion Base, Size ( W x D x H ) : 26 Diam x 36 and Size ( W x D x H ) : 19 x 19 x 24

    Urion Urn and Urion Base
    Size ( W x D x H ) : 26 Diam x 36 and Size ( W x D x H ) : 19 x 19 x 24

  • Venus Planter w/stand, 25x18x66

    Venus Planter w/stand