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Dining Chairs

Antique furniture is by far one of the most popular styles of luxury furniture on the market today. From king chairs to quaint and dainty vanity chairs, there are many different antique styles to choose from. Luckily we have all of these styles available for your selection. We believe comfort and style don’t have to be separate luxuries. Our unique approach to furniture accounts for the different preferences our customers encompass. Luxury home furnishings are both about taste and comfort, and our chairs combine both creating the most exquisite seating you can imagine.

In the finest homes in the country you will find Benetti’s Italia Furniture. Our clients are well aware of what good taste looks like. From beautiful brass inlaid arms to perfectly fitted leather cushions, our chairs are the epitome of perfection. The quality of our chairs reflects the prestige of Made in America furniture. Just by browsing through our selection you will instantly tell the difference between our high quality products and those of other furniture companies. Crafted from various materials including leather, velvet, and Italian designer fabric there is a beauty that each of our chairs display unique in their own way. Always sought after but never duplicated, our Italian design furniture is simply gorgeous.

Product Dimensions Are In Width x Depth x Height Format.

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  • Adrianna Dining Chairs, 24x28x46

    Adrianna Dining Chairs

  • Alda Dining Chairs, Arm Chair	(28x28x46) Side Chair	(22x28x46)

    Alda Dining Chairs
    Arm Chair (28x28x46) Side Chair (22x28x46)

  • Cosenza Chairs, Arm (26x29x45) Side (22x27x45)

    Cosenza Chairs
    Arm (26x29x45) Side (22x27x45)

  • Diamante Dining Chairs, Arm Chair	24x28x45 Side Chair	(22x28x45)

    Diamante Dining Chairs
    Arm Chair 24x28x45 Side Chair (22x28x45)

  • Fiore Dining Chairs, Arm Chair(26x27x47) Side(21x27x47)

    Fiore Dining Chairs
    Arm Chair(26x27x47) Side(21x27x47)

  • Firenza Dining Chairs, Arm Chair(27x27x45)            Side Chair(22x27x45)

    Firenza Dining Chairs
    Arm Chair(27x27x45) Side Chair(22x27x45)

  • Madeline Arm Chair and Side Chair, Arm(24x27x46) Side(22x26x46)

    Madeline Arm Chair and Side Chair
    Arm(24x27x46) Side(22x26x46)

  • Majorica Dining Chairs, Arm Chair (25x27x48) Side Chair (22x27x48)

    Majorica Dining Chairs
    Arm Chair (25x27x48) Side Chair (22x27x48)

  • Modica, Side (22x30x45) Arm(24x30x45)

    Side (22x30x45) Arm(24x30x45)

  • Sebastian, Arm (24x28x45) Side (22x28x45)

    Arm (24x28x45) Side (22x28x45)

  • Spider


  • Spider


  • Spider Arm Chair, 25" x 21" x 28"

    Spider Arm Chair
    25" x 21" x 28"

  • Spider Arm Chair., 25" x 21" x 28"

    Spider Arm Chair.
    25" x 21" x 28"