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Benetti’s has been in the Italian furniture design business for over 25 years, providing our global consumer market with the finest in Italian furnishings. We know what it takes to make a luxury product, and we work exclusively with the best in the trade to realize our goal. Our custom made products of luxury furniture go above and beyond what is available in stores, and we are credited with bringing class and style back to the luxury furnishing market. Although our products are defined within the luxury class, we create our products to be the finest in their genre with no competition equal to them.

In addition to our hardworking wood craft and fabric experts, we also work hand in hand with today’s most sought after interior designers. The designers help us choose exquisite products that other ‘marketers’ simply don’t think of. We appreciate gorgeous Italian & other European fabrics and for this reason we have crafted all of our furniture from these products. We understand that our customers are looking for quality luxury furniture and they expect to receive the same level of superiority that they have always gotten from Benetti’s Italia furniture. You don’t have to be an artist to appreciate our luxury furniture, but our work appeases even the finest among us. From luxury sofas, luxury sectionals, luxury chairs and much, much more, we pride ourselves in creating a comprehensive collection of the finest luxury furniture products available in the market today. We do not accept anything less than perfection for our collection of high-end furniture, and we are constantly working to improve it. We take our love for fine Italian materials to the extreme. Every year we travel the globe to find the best Italian fabrics they offer. You can be confident that when you make a purchase from us you are buying more than a piece of furniture, you are purchasing a piece of art, click on the picture below to see some of our artists in action.

At Benetti’s Italia we put heart and soul back into the art of furniture design, and we make your desires our reality every single day. Our custom luxury furniture is soft to the touch perfectly reflecting the finest Italian furniture design, while our Italian style dining room table and chairs create the perfect space for entertaining. Do you need help to decide on the perfect piece of furniture for your home? Don’t hesitate to contact us with any requests or customization’s you may have in mind. Our goal is to be the leading provider of luxury home furnishings anywhere on the globe and we aim to fully satisfy all of our clients. We live to serve you.

Take a look around our select showroom quality luxury furniture and discover the perfect fit for your home.